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2)Philosophical themes

This overlaps with 1) the study of Mahāyāna Buddhism. This refers to investigations into philosophical themes in Buddhism, Hinduism and Indian literature. For example, it deals with epistemology, ontology, nature of time, causality and logics. In India, in conjunction of religious exploration of salvation, emancipation and Nirvana, a vast number of discussions on these themes which were common with Western philosophy took place. Studies focusing on these themes fall in the fields of ‘Comparative Thought’ or ‘Comparative Philosophy.’ Ono, Yoshimizu and Shida from the University of Tsukuba are engaged in the inquiries into these philosophical themes and working with Professors Isaacson and Wangchuk. Professor Zimmermann is working on the issue of Buddhism and ethics. We facilitate venues to discuss shared themes such as Tsukuba Global Science Week by working with scholars of Western philosophy and Theology in and outside the University and by making the most of our interdisciplinarity.

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