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Characteristics and Strengths of our Unit

Since our research fields are diverse as described above, they cannot be covered by a single researcher or unit. Characteristic areas that constitute our unit’s strengths are as follows:

1)Mahāyāna Buddhism
2)Philosophical themes
3)Manuscript Studies
4)Digital Humanities

These four types of approach are inter-linked and they contain both basic and applied studies. 3) Manuscript Studies is the most fundamental study in textual research. 1) The Study of Mahāyāna Buddhism is based on traditional methods of investigating history of thought in a historical context. 2) Inquiry into philosophical themes is a study of universal themes which are shared with Western thought and modern thought. 4) Digital Humanities engages in the establishment of a research foundation making use of new tools. This can be applied to any discipline. Our research unit is pursuing research into human mental activities from various angles by combining traditional discipline and new methods.

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