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つくばグローバルサイエンスウィーク2017(TGSW2017)においてセッションを開催します published on

テーマ: “Digital Humanities: ICT Innovations in Classical Studies”

日時: 2017年9月27日(水) 14:00–17:00

会場: つくば国際会議場 Conference Room 403

言語: 英語


Part One Presentation Part (Chair: Taisei Shida)
14:05–14:30: Kiyonori Nagasaki “Digital Humanities in Asian Classics”
14:30–14:45: Yuta Hashimoto “SMART-GS: Image Processing Technology Meets Humanities”
14:45–15:00: Patrick McAllister “Encoding Sanskrit Texts for Information Retrieval”
15:00–15:15: Orna Almogi “”Scholars and Scribes”: The Approximate Text Alignment Tool”
15:15–15:30: Dorji Wangchuk “The Indo-Tibetan Lexical Resource (ITLR): Progress and Prospects”
15:30–15:45 Intermission

Part Two Demonstration Part
15:45–16:45 Parallel Demonstration in Each Booth
16:45–16:50 Taisei Shida “Closing Remarks”


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